Redemption™ Tattoo Care Qty 24 1oz


Redemption™ Tattoo Care Qty 24 1oz

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Redemption™ Tattoo Lubricant and Tattoo Aftercare All-in-One

Get Redemption’s new candy style display for tattoo shops!

1 box – Each box contains qty. 24 1oz containers.

Total of 24 1oz. units. Half off retail! $

-Earn extra revenue while offering a great tattoo aftercare product for your clients!

The first and only USDA certified petroleum replacement developed specifically for tattoo artists and collectors.

– Used during the Tattoo Process and as Aftercare
– Petroleum and Chemical Free
– Soothes Redness and Swelling
– Helps prevent Infection
– Won’t clog pores

-Great for tattoo healing!